my je ne sais quoi award application

my je ne sais quoi award application

“Je Ne Sais Quoi is a $4000 grant that celebrates amazing people everywhere doing amazing things in so many amazingly different ways, it takes a French saying about nothing really to somewhat explain what we’re talking about.”

My application: “Reframing all urban trees in a city into a Big ‘YourCityName’ Forest (BYF). In a BYF planting, pruning and harvesting is a carefully balanced proces that is openly communicated about. A BYF is a healthy place to be in and can only grow in size and biodiverstity. The harvest is used for local production of BYF wood samples. Samples can be made into anything people might need, but a BYF sample always refers to its origin through an implanted nfc chip. The chip can be scanned with a phone. A BYF sample in your home gives you access to nature, and makes you leave your home to find out where the tree grew: near you!”

Sofar, I haven’t heard back from them, but I suppose you can do a better job! If you want to apply, you can try here: //


Nature Access

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