20 november - 27 november 2019- Ik ga! Guess what? Je mag mee! Lees hier alles (FB).

Pop Art House Ocenovlag Bulgaria is not a house you rent. It is much more: it is the decor for your own art event, where you stage your own play, and for which you can buy entrytickets. To get the tickets, contact me on WhatsApp – 0031655755014 or by email: jos@natureaccess.nl. Book it on AirBNB.

This movie shows you the house, situation 2017. Come without expectations and you will have a fabulous time.

Here is what New Zealand artist Grant Moxom wrote about the house: “Jos’s pop art house is inspiring and magical. We recommend making your own way there by public transport, it’s is a riddle. Expect nothing. Keep in your mind the idea of neighbourhood, bring groceries and as many bulgarian words as you can remember. When there, plan ahead, say hi to the neighbours. Any failure to speak the language in town will be met with the understanding that “you are friends with the Dutch guy”, high young men will help you back home if it rains while you walk, friendly neighbours will bring candles if the electricity fails. There are secrets in the house, clues to old “performances”, micro histories and memories. Visit the monastery with the candle, bathe like the old priest, cook fresh food, find the neighbour that runs the local store. Places like this are the secrets you tell your children about in years to come, stay here, make art or just participate in the art of neighbourhood, experience the bulgaria that takes years to find without a mystical refuge house in the middle of the forest in a town called Osenovlag, with no recorded bus routes, just a neighbour who picks everyone up and drops them off twice a day.”

And here some arty backgrounds on the house. My main goal: when I am not in the house (which is almost always, so don’t expect to find me there) you can help me build a global crowd art performance. When I am there, I investigate the way to be a long distance neighbor. Unique is the close interaction with the neighbors, the local school kids (that was once, the school closed as kids got fewer), and the stunning view of Kosnitza Mountain and the valley. I have put a lot of personal effort in it and I am very willing to share. So: the house and I would love to have an audience: you. You must know however it is not a luxurious residency, it is basically how the priest left it, a unique museumlike experience.
You can heat up the one room on the lower floor with a fire stove. This is the living room, so to say. On the second floor you have two bedrooms, but these cannot be heated. There are lots of blankets, including two electrically heated ones, where you can lie on. When you hesitate bring more yourself. There is a little outdoor house where you can make a small sauna with hot water from the fire stove. So: there is no shower. Next to it is the saw chips toilet. It is a hole in a concrete floor, covered with sawchips: nice smell. After use, shove in the ‘contaminated chips’ and sprinkle fresh ones for a fresh cover.
There is one water tap, also outside the house, under a roof. It is the best water in Bulgaria, straight from the mountains, and it is cold water.
You have access to all spaces, including the little garden. Please leave art if you can, or try to find out how to relate to the neighbours. After the death of Bulgarian priest I bought his house and changed hardly a thing in it, but with every visit I leave an upgrade of some kind. I invite you to leave an upgrade yourself too. There is no house rent, but you can buy an entryticket online, with me, or through AirBNB.
Thus a global art loving adventurors turns solid, into a customized house. Please help me build a unique house-centered social media art performance, share some snapshots! They are digital scenes in this on- and offline play of life.

Curious of the changes over the years? Compare it: this movie shows you the house, situation 2011

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