The Popov family organically grows 20 hectares of rose yards. The also grow 6 hectares of organic lavender fields. Their lavender leads to a handfull of pure products. The essential oil from lavender /Lavandula Angustifolia/ is one the most used oils in perfumery, cosmetics and aromatherapy. The health benefits of lavender essential oil are many. And the lavender smell is a natural bug repellent.
Rose oil – fluid gold – was invented by Avicenna, an Oezbeki scholar from the tenth century. The steam destillation of rose petals leads to two fractions: rose oil and rose water. Rose water is also known as rose hydrolate.
In one gram of rose oil there are 3,5 kg of rose petals, literally thousands and thousands of dew covered, manually harvested petals.
Nature Access International is the agent for Popov family rose and lavender products.

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