Economy of the Common Good International Conference, 3 – 5 juni 2024

Economy of the Common Good International Conference, 3 – 5 juni 2024

Ik stuurde onlangs een ‘abstract’ in het Engels in voor deelname aan deze conferentie in Leeuwarden, wie weet ga ik ernaartoe. Wat denk jij van mijn bijdrage? Prachtig als je je gedachten met met deelt:

“My name is Jos Bregman aka Wdwrd. I am a performer. BOOMBOM is my social sculpture of remixing trees, harvested from The Greater Dutch Urban Forest (TGDUF). TGDUF is one of my performances. With TGDUF I am making a statement: ‘We don’t live in a city with trees, but in a forest with buildings and roads. We make sure trees in this forest can grow old. If you take care of the forest as a whole, you may also harvest from it. My care for the forest as a whole starts with giving it a name: TGDUF. Once something has a name, people start to treat it differently. You can find an oversight of my remixed trees on

My care is also much more concrete: under the name BOOMBUTLER I help people take care of their trees in their gardens. Taking care of trees means taking care of the soil they are rooted in, and pointing out every tree’s role in TGDUF –

Dutch cities produce a lot of ‘woody biomass’: half of the yearly production – in 2021: around 700.000 tons – of the Netherlands comes from cities. (17% came from agroforestry, 30% came from forest owners like SBB.) A lot of this woody biomass goes to low value uses like biomass for electricity plants. My work is innovative, finding ways  for high value purposes in a local economy, including scale up possibilities. We are talking about 35.000 trucks of urban wood every year.

With BOOMBOM I remix ‘token’ trees, trees that can show the way to (or rather: are) a new art form embedded in a new local economy. An economy that starts using the trucks of wood that now leave the city anonymously. My remix starts by looking at the tree before its harvest, getting to know the audience. I give every tree a name. My audience is the people that know the tree. One reference project is  Another one is In Almere I am chairing a working group with municipality, architect, lectors and students to integrate city wood into the new building of Windesheim School in Almere planned for 2026.

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